The State Key Laboratory of Microbial MetabolismSKLMMwas approved by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China in 2011. SKLMM takes lead in researches on metabolic science and in diverse frontier areas of microbial metabolismwith a core interest to support China’s strategic goal for sustainable development. SKLMM focuses on intensive and extensive investigation into mechanisms of microbial anabolism and catabolism, for unveiling the physiological functionregulatory networksand their complex interactions or connections with the environments. SKLMM aims to pave solid ways for optimizing and reprogramming metabolic pathways to maximize the metabolic potential of microorganisms, and therefore promoting the fundamental and technological innovations. The laboratory team is led by the director Prof. Zixin Dengwith a total of 52 principal investigators (PI). In the past five years, they have been granted more than 300 million research funds. SKLMM has pioneered in research fields such as DNA sulfur modification, microbial drug biosynthesis, catabolism of refractory toxic pollutants, intestinal flora and metabolic diseases, circulation of deep ocean microbiology and elements, etc. A great number of researches were published in top journals including ScienceNat MicrobiolPNAS, etc. The number of invention patents reached more than 100. SKLMM has led a rapid development in scientific research and has received extensive attention in the field of microbial metabolism.



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