From High Throughput Models to Pilot Reactors

报告人:Nico Boon
                        PhD, Professor, Laboratory of Microbial Ecology and Technology, Ghent University, Belgium

报告时间2013424 9:00-11:00


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Dr. Nico BoonProfessor of Molecular Microbial Ecology, head of Department of Microbial and Biochemical Technology in Ghent University. Dr. Boon obtained his PhD in Applied Biological Sciences, Ghent University, in 2002. Since 1998 the research has focused on the microbial ecology of soil, aquifer, aquaculture systems, drinking water and activated sludge systems. The areas of interests have been the development of molecular methods (Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis, Fluorescent in situ Hybridisation, Real-Time PCR and Flow Cytometry) for the qualitative and quantitative description of microorganisms and investigations of microbial processes in carbon and nitrogen cycling, novel bioaugmentation strategies for xenobiotics and the bioprecipitation and application of catalytic particles (Pd, Mn, Au and Ag). During the last years, the research interests are focused on the development of new microbial ecological theories to link the microbial community structure to functionality. The central theme of this research is to understand of the composition, functionality and the limits under which a microbial community can (optimally) perform. At present, there is only limited theoretical insight in the ecology of mixed microbial cultures and engineering practices to manage those microbial resources are fragmentary. The final aim is to structure and optimize the performance of the community in respect to a desirable set of outputs. This strategy is called Microbial Resource Management (MRM). The research has resulted in more than 220 accepted/published international publications in journals with peer review (A1 + A2). During the last 3 years, he published in top journals, like Nature, Nature Communications, FEMS Microbiology Reviews, Trends in Biotechnology, PLoS Pathogens, Current Opinion in Biotechnology (2 times), Biotechnology Advances (2 times), Trends in Biotechnology (3 times), …They have been cited 4800 times with a h-index of 36. He has also two patents. More than 30 international conferences have been attended, and the research results have been presented in 50 national and international oral presentations.





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